Walk to reduce obesity risks

Now here is some interesting news for all of you out there who have been really unwilling and reluctant to go out for walks. A recent study has shown that regular walks taken by individuals greatly affect the chances of being fit and not suffering from the vicious cycle of obesity. In fact it has been proven now that the walks can even have influence on those that have a genetic problem of obesity. So that is some great news for all. Just make way to include brisk walking a part of your regular routine to stay fit and healthy.

Brisk walking can in fact reduce the risk to almost half in those that risk this due to genetic issues. Not just this there are harmful effects as well if you do things that are contrary to this one. Watching TVs or having a lazy lifestyle can double the risk. Researchers at the American heart association are doing more studies to bring out evidences for the study. A number of people have been examined so far and surveys are being carried out to prepare the data base to help draw strong conclusions. The reduction in the risk has been measured by noting the differences in the BMI of the people.
helps reduce obesity
Having a BMI larger than 30 indicates risks of obesity. The researchers have been doing some extensive analysis in this field by studying all the possible thirty two genes that are associated with increase of BMI value. Every BMI gene was studied separately and each was found to be contributing 0.13kg/square meter for single pint increase in the value. The effect is much lesser an almost negligible for those that have a high rate of physical activity. People involving themselves into constant leisure activities like watching TV were found to be at a much greater risk of being obese.

Brisk walking for one hour daily reduces the increase in the BMI value and affects positively to help reduce the possibilities of being obese. So walking and reduced physical activity both work in opposite manners in influencing one’s health and lifestyle. It is normally not possible to assess these genes in the common public and hence they must work upon improving their lifestyle and introducing a strict walking routine daily. To know and understand the mechanisms of the human body governing such health issues is still a tedious task and will require further studies and analysis.

Walk to reduce obesity risks
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