Supportive spouse beat stress

Recently there has been a rise in the two income families where both the man and his woman works together to earn a living. There has been a constant increase in the levels of the job related stress and these two factors have been affecting the businesses and families lately. It is often said that having a troubled spouse with his job related stress could affect the couple’s work and personal lives but what happens when both of them are in the same situation. A new study examined exactly this problem situation in the Florida state university.

It is found usually that the lack of support from one’s partner or spouse leads to problems like divorce, career deviation, etc. it turns out that the couples with high levels of stress but an appropriate and cordial spouse support do fare out really well in their lives. They have the benefit of many things over the other couples. They have a higher percentage of satisfaction with their married lives. Have a positive relationship with co workers at work place, have lesser guilt of family neglect issues, have higher concentration levels at their work, less critical of their spouse and have a much higher job satisfaction.
In fact it has also been found that the number of people who reach their workplaces agitated is highly linked to indifferences with the spouse. There happen to be certain similar traits that are observed in the happy couples. Each is well aware of their spouse’s daily work demands, they are the ones who do not force support, they understand that communication is the most important tool, realize the importance of friends and family, do not complain much about workplace issues back at home and the very much needed support to each other in times of need and troubles.

The steady couples have always made a point to be as pillars of support to their respective halves. They maintain a steady supply of comfort and support. Men and women often differ in the kind of support work they need to benefit. Generally the wives liked getting ‘cut some slack’ in their home activities and love it when they are assured about being wanted. The husbands on the other hand are more likely to enjoy a hand of help in their chores and errands and also appreciate the feeling of warmth and affection. Stress has the potential to blind people and hence curbs the power of reasoning and hence can turn out disastrous. Hence it becomes highly important for the couples to look out for ways to always bridge this gap.

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