Stem Cells for Heart

Stem cells are the biological cells that are usually found in the multi cellular organisms. These divide through a process called mitosis and are also capable of self renewing and hence produce even more stem cells. A recent study in this field suggests that the stem cells that are derived from the bone marrow can influence, affect and moderately bring about an improvement in the functioning of the heart after a heart attack. But still to be able to be implemented on a large scale as a therapy will require more evidences and studies. So no firm conclusions can be drawn yet.

A large number of trials have been conducted so far and hence the compilation and comparisons of these require a lot of effort and are tending to be really a difficult job. In order to pump the blood in the body the heart also requires its own blood supply which should be constant at all times. In any case if this supply is blocked for some unknown reason or because of the blockage of the arteries it can lead to a sudden heart attack and can very well destroy the muscle tissue in the heart. This causes the dying of the cells called as the necrosis. This can spread to a much greater extent and hence is capable of making a major portion of the heart incapable of performing its job of pumping the blood around the entire body.
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The stem cells that are derived from the person’s own heart tissue can very well be used to treat and cure the patient of the damaged heart tissue. The bone marrow derived stem cells, BMSCs, can hence bring about a moderate betterment in the condition of the heart patient. Nothing can be said about the survival rates though. The stem cell treatment and the therapy can greatly have an impact on the number of people dying and suffering from the heart failures.

Presently there is nothing concrete that can be stated about this therapy due to the lack of the statistical data as the patients that have been treated till date have been quite a few. To be able to compile the steps and the guidelines to allow its usage on a regular practice basis would need a lot of input still. A lot of information is needed on the cell dosage, the accurate timing of the transplant, and also the best method to measure the heart functionalities.

Stem Cells for Heart
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