Sinus: Antibiotics Inefficient

A study by the Washington university school of medicine in St. Louis, USA, has shown that patients suffering from the sinus problem taking amoxicillin as the medication do not recover any faster than those taking the inactive placebo. The doctors in the institute are of the opinion that antibiotics are the most commonly used drug and are a bit overused and hence there must be a proper encouragement for the judicious use of the drugs. This study is basically aimed at providing sufficient evidence to give to the patients on the overuse of antibiotics in the sinus cases. As per the study the acute sinus infection can just not be cured effectively with these medicines. Most of the times the patients have a tendency to get better on their own without the use of these antibiotics hence making them unnecessary in such cases.

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinus a small air filled space inside the forehead and the cheekbones. The role played by the sinuses is to make mucus that usually drains and flows through the small tubes in the nose. So mostly there are infections of thee sinusitis in the cheekbones. This happens to be really very common in the United States where almost every one in five people suffer through this problem and that too most of them are on antibiotic prescriptions. There have been an increasing number of the bacteria species that are developing resistance to the antibiotics and hence making them really useless for these treatments.
 symptoms are painful
The researchers now suggest that the patients as well as the doctors should just treat the various symptoms like the pain, fever, cough and congestion problems and monitor these and see if the problem can be controlled this way only. The patients included in the study exhibited moderate, severe or very severe symptoms. They were the ones having problems like pain or some sort of tenderness in the faces and the sinuses and a long period of nasal discharge. These were treated either on a course of amoxicillin or placebo dosage. The patients were also given the usual medication for providing relief in pain, cough and fever problems.

The results from this study basically showed that there was absolutely no difference between the two groups in the quantity and amount of the relief from the symptoms on the basis of the medications provided to them. Hence the answer to find the best medication for the problem is yet to be found.



Sinus: Antibiotics Inefficient
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