Physical abuse a Link to major Psychological Problems

There might have been times when you would have noticed certain strange reactions and habits being developed in a kid. Scientists now are of the opinion that if a child features three or more such like psychosomatic symptoms then he must be checked for some sort of physical abuse suffrage. The healthcare staff should well consider the chances of a case of physical abuse if any child exhibits such like nature and attitude change. There were about a thousand children who were a part of a recent research based study in Sweden. All of these kids were aged between ten and fifteen and were separately tested and checked for any cases of physical abuse ever.

They were monitored on various parameters such as the persistent appetite changes and sleep problems or even body aches and pains. The study was clearly categorized even on the basis of the number of girls or boys present for the analysis tests. The study has been carried out at Karlstad University’s division of public health sciences. The studies have further indicated that those who have been suffering from three or more such problems listed before within a time span of one month were having a double probability of being physically abused.
physical abuse

There has been a strong link between these psychosomatic cases in children who have been a witness to some sort of intimate partner violence but apart from this there was found to be no such direct link between multiple numbers of symptoms and seeing IPV. Students were questioned about various usual negative symptoms like sleeplessness, stomach ache, headache, dizziness, back pain and even loss of appetite. The students were also investigated for the thirteen most common chronic diseases and about bullying and their school performance. There has been an ever increasing association that has been established between the psychosomatic symptoms and the increasing risk of physical abuse.

This was found to be way too stronger and linked in the ids who have been a witness to some IPV at their homes. The children definitely turn to get more violent and agitated in such cases. The healthcare professional people should therefore find the links to some physical abuse in case any case spurts up with psychosomatic symptoms. Though care must be taken that certain compounding causes and factors like chronic illness and bullying and a child’s school performance must be ignored and ruled out totally.

Physical abuse a Link to major Psychological Problems
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