Parenting interventions for kids

Increasing number of cases is arising daily where the children are getting unruly and are disobeying their parents. A large number of cases have been reported recently where there are disputes between the parents and their kids due to some random petty issue but the occurrence of such cases is likely to have negative effects on the parent child association. A recent study has shown that the parenting groups held by the peers can be of great help in such cases. The children who are really not willing to listen to their parents can be benefited by such classes.

The study was concentrated at an area with maximum number of such cases reported in the past. Such children are at a risk of having mental disorders later in their future lives. Often the kids that are so disobedient are sent over to such schools and classes where they are taught to behave and control their emotions. These kids cam not only spoil their own lives but can also cause emotional disturbance in their families as well. The children can get into the habit of misbehaving and turning anti social elements. The parents can get majorly affected by such activities of their kids.
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The peer classes are really helpful in cases when the parents are reluctant to send their kids to some ordinary mental health centre because of the social stigma of it being an undermining thing for their status. The parents thus do not always cater to this relevant and important issue and fail to provide the kids with the necessary help. The national institute for health and clinical experience has been conducting surveys and has strongly recommended attending of such classes by these kids. Constant efforts have been made to ensure the opening of such peer parenting classes. This will provide with an ease of access and will be indeed beneficial for the kids.

There are special trained professionals who take care of this peer parenting sessions. The methods used by them include group discussions, lessons, role play, etc. the parents who had taken part in such interventions have reported a gradual change seen in their kids. The kids turn out to become more obedient and less unruly. The stress levels in parents also lowered because of these parenting classes for the kids. This method is indeed a great way of improving the parenting skills and the association between the parent and the child.


Parenting interventions for kids
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