Merits of Vitamin D Supplements

People working in the health care services like the nurses and other health professionals have started an initiative to make older women (women older than 65 years), pregnant women and the parents of young children aware of risks that go hand in hand with Vitamin D deficiencies. This initiative by the health care professionals comes after the concerns regarding the deficiency of Vitamin D were renewed recently. This made UK’s four chief medical officers to write to the health professionals and remind them of the issue.

If someone has severe deficiency of Vitamin D, it can lead to problems in the bones and he will develop diseases like rickets and osteomalacia. Rickets is a disease that develops in children if the right proportion of Vitamin D is not included in their diet. On the other hand, osteomalacia is the adult form of rickets and it can cause severe pain and aches in the bones of adults. There are studies and various statistics that point out towards the fact that more than one fourth of the population currently is suffering from low levels of Vitamin D in their blood.
Vitamin D supplements

They also tell that pregnant women who are ones who should take extra care to include enough Vitamin D in their diet often neglect their Vitamin D supplements and do not take them as regularly as they should be taking them. The department of health has recommended that among all the people, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those with children under the age of five, and those who are above the age of sixty-five years to take Vitamin D supplements on a regular basis, preferably daily. The other group of people who should be concerned regarding the deficiency of Vitamin D in their blood are the ones who are house bound or to be precise, those who do not get ample amount of exposure to direct sunlight. The people with darker skin also fall into the category of people who receive less sunlight than what is recommended.

The nurses, GPs, and the hospital staff are in regular contact with the people who fall under the at risk category. Thus, they have been urged by the chief medical officers to explain and advice these people the merits of taking Vitamin D supplements and the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency.  “Our experts are clear – low levels of vitamin D can increase the risk of poor bone health, including rickets in young children,” said the Chief Medical Officer for England Professor Dame Sally Davies.

Merits of Vitamin D Supplements
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