Malnutrition taking children’s lives

There is a life for all and it is well deserved by all but there are instances when what life offers is not the same for everyone. And what is worse is that the most devastating problem prevalent today is affecting the young kids. The problem is malnutrition. Almost half a billion children are at a major risk of suffering from the problem of malnutrition. This has been neglected most of the times though the authorities fail to realize the impact it can have on the entire world generation. There has been an emergency crisis going on in the African Sahel lately and the cases of malnutrition are seemingly attaining no stop.

Malnutrition is kind of a crisis that is deeply hidden in form but affecting almost every one in four children everywhere around the world. It creates a lifelong disaster and damages the life for generations. Chronic malnutrition is more deadly and hazardous in its effects than any other disease known so far. It is the lack of proper nutrition that can weaken the immune system of any person and can hence cause the onset of so many other problems like the malaria, diarrhea and the pneumonia. All of these can eventually lead to the death of an individual. These malnutrition kids are highly likely to be suffering from other problems as well and also great pain and eventually death in such crises.
terrible effects
It is a pity that the world is sitting quietly when these poor kids are making headlines daily for succumbing to the untimely situations. For many these malnutrition kids and their agony are not at all important and hence they are often overlooked by all. Children that are well nourished on the other hand experience a much better life and they perform in a much better way in their schools. World leaders across the globe are constantly on the lookout for making new economic policies to give their nations a kick start but nobody bothers to begin from the very basic and indulge in the improvement of the living conditions of their children.

If only the whole world decides to join hands and save the future then there would be no issues at all. Considering the solutions required to mend the problem about a total of ten billion dollars would be needed yearly to help save the lives of around 2 million kids. Considering the great cause the countries could well afford this amount if they agree to work together for the greater cause.

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