Gene Theory to Treat Blindness

Researchers have recently published an important new theory regarding the gene therapy system for the congenital blindness. Using this theory the scientists have been able to provide sight to three people at least and these have been able to see even more clearly even in low light conditions. Till now no conflicting reports have been stated so far and all the patients seem to be doing fine. This study has particularly attended and focused on leber congenital amaurosis.

This is retinal disease that can cause a complete loss of vision in the humans. Patients have gone through a major life change after the successful gene therapy given to them. The researchers used the neuro imaging in order to flash a dim light that usually blinks and is in the form of a check board pattern. The patients after the gene therapy treatment could well decipher the image and a part of their brain that is responsible for proper vision brightens and high lightens. This behavior was clearly observed in the patient’s MRI. The patients were administers with a genetically monitored and engineered adeno associated virus called a vector.

LCA is an accumulation of the hereditary retinal diseases and in this typically a gene mutation is used to stop the production of an enzyme that is very essential for receiving the light in the retina. Trials have been conducted on patients with LCA. About fifty percent of the people found a stark improvement in the sight and were no longer treated as legally blind. But the tests were still refrained from being conducted on both the eyes simultaneously. Our eyes behave totally differently in comparison to the rest of the human body and hence care must be taken to ensure zero chances of negligence. Further testing needs to be done before the results could well be applied for the second eye as well in these patients.

After the receiving of the vector by the patients it was found to be a great improvement in the eye sight levels and its sensitivity. The MRI responses of these patients turned out to be overwhelming and there was a drastic improvement in the brain response in the treated eyes. This was observed in the eyes that were administered before and not just in the new ones. The eyes were able to focus together and were able to see the objects. Still further research is an important aspect in this theory before it can well be applied openly to all.

Gene Theory to Treat Blindness
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