Fight against SIDS

The brain cells that are commonly known to play a cameo role are very essential for the growth and development of the brainstem neurons that are important in the cardio respiratory operations in the body. The finding can indeed turn out to be really helpful and help in the prevention and the treatment of the sudden infant death syndrome. The SIDS has turned out to become the leading reason for the cause of death in young kids between the ages of one month to five years. The men at the Oregan Health and Science University closely examined the non neuronal glial cells of the brain and found out that they have the ability to control the growth of the nerve cells in the brainstem of an individual.

The glial cells basically are known to curb the development of the brainstorm neurons and play an integral part in maintaining the neuronal networks by acting as the neurotrophic factors that serve as a family of proteins needed for the growth and survival of the brain. The studies being carried out in the university are perhaps the first of its kind in this field trying to identify a link between the glial cells and the nerve cell growth.
Usually it is found that the number of the glial cells in the brains of the kids suffering from SIDS is extremely huge and this is supposedly a very common feature shared between such kids. The large increase in the number of these cells as per the new study could be the reason behind the growth of the brainstem neurons. These growths of the neurons control the cardio respiratory ordeals and causes untimely death in the end. BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor, is another molecule that plays an integral part in the cardio respiratory functions.

The present scenario is much more complex than was assumed to be by the researchers before. A detailed analysis and complete understanding of the current issues and the link between the BDNF and the glial cells could have a major impact on the treatment and cure of SIDS. The other factors depending on this result and study are related to the high blood pressure conditions, and other problems and disorders relating to the cardio respiratory actions. The researchers are indeed hoping to find a way out of this condition as this has been largely affecting the number of kids dying in the recent years.

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