Cure for skin cancer

As per the latest survey the drug vemurafenib has been found to up the survival rates of patients with BRAF V600 mutant advanced melanoma by almost double value. These findings can greatly affect the way in which the skin cancer of this particular type can be treated. The patients being studied were administered with vemurafenib and their details were followed for a period of about twelve months regularly. Usually the time period for which the patients survive after being treated with the medicine is approx nine months. But with this drug the average survival times increased to almost a year and a half. This is because this drug is capable of blocking a mutated BRAF protein.

Drug vemurafenib is capable of differing and changing the natural medical history of the skin cancer disease. The data results are overwhelming for all the doctors and patients around. The numbers of people who have been experiencing benefits in a positive way from this happen to be increasing on a daily basis. The patients are putting   a durable response to this medicinal drug. The entire lot of patients who has been using this drug as their routine is definitely seeing their health charts take a positive slope. These patients are reportedly now living much longer than expected. The drug is having a huge impact on the way the metastatic melanoma can be treated successfully.
drug  vemurafenib
Each year almost a total of four thousand people are diagnosed with this disease. Of these almost fifty percent of the people have responded objectively to the drug. Thus these people are having their tumors shrink over majorly by a huge amount. There are some who respond positively to this drug but do not have such major changes in the tumor sizes. And of course there will be some who experience no benefit at all from this drug.

The vemurafenib could definitely serve as the breaking point in the field of metastatic melanoma treatments and cure. The melanomas shrink down showing tremendous improvements even over the chemotherapy treatments. But the bad point here is that the tumors are deadly and they develop immunity to all sorts of drugs over a period of time. There has been a quite high rate of response from the patients having the melanoma issue. The researchers are hoping to find out agents that aim and target the methods which get around the medicine.

Cure for skin cancer
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