CT scans for recurrent strokes

It has always been tragic news when somebody is hit by a stroke attack. But what can be worse for someone is the occurrence of another deadly stroke. Now the latest discoveries in the medical science suggests that the use of CT scans can be used effectively to predict the occurrence of another stroke in men who have suffered from transient ischemic attack or minor attack in the past. The people having certain neurological symptoms like weakness and speech problems. This result from the CT scan can indeed be very helpful for the doctors to pre determine the condition of their patients and also aid them to decideĀ  if stronger dosage of medicines would be required or not.

As of now the doctors use the MRI scan to analyze the patients and predict if the patient has a risk of having another stroke attack after the first one. But the problem here is often about the availability of the MRI machines in most of the towns or cities. And if the CT scans are required they can be made available even in the small town area or maybe the rural hospitals as well. This is the centre idea of this entire study after all, to see if the CT scan results could well be used to substitute the MRI scan results.
CT scans
The researchers hope to find ways and alternatives to the MRI scans of the brain and thus allow for interventions to be provided easily to all. In order to assess the risk associated with the stroke the people doing the research work used a dye injection to see the blood vessels that go from the heart to the brain straight. This is called as the CT angiogram and forms a part of the CT scan routine. It was hence found that the patients who were detected with certain blockages or the narrow blood vessels were definitely at a much higher risk of having recurrent stroke attacks.

The patients are able to identify the start of the stroke symptoms much easily with the provision of easy CT scan medical help. MRI scan are often the cause of bringing about delays in the detection and analysis process. The CT scans thus can provide for a much effective way to determine the patient conditions and the possibility and risk of recurrent stroke attack. The study thus aims for achieving some real good and can have an immediate impact.


CT scans for recurrent strokes
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