CRC and alcohol consumption

Like always, harms of the alcohol consumption has reached out much deeper into a man’s life. This time it happens to have struck it really hard as there happens to be a strong and quite potential link between colorectal cancer risk and obesity and consumption of alcohol. Greater intake and consumption of the alcohol might just turn out to be indeed welcoming for increasing the risk of CRC or the well known colorectal cancer. But the probability is higher for the obese lot of men. It is a part of a case control study in Newfoundland. This study is  in its very preliminary stages and needs a lot of approval and work done still. No strong conclusions can be derived from this one here as the subjects under study were contacted through phones and a bare number of sixty per cent people only showed up. So the data collected is pretty incomplete and inadequate.

More than anything this happens to be a case control study and not a usual cohort data analysis. Hence chances of the results being biased are quite high in this case. The subjects on their own did not specifically link to the higher risk of the disease when considering the entire lot of them. No direct links could be established between the alcohol intake and the CRC until they were stratified on the basis of the body mass indices. The BMI served as a border line for the analysis of these subjects. People were categorized above and below a BMI of 30.
alcohol is major factor
As per the recorded data the risk of the disease increased for the obese population who were the regular drinkers of the lot. They had some vitals like OR=2.2, CI varied between one and four. Also it was found that the odds ratio was almost two times than that of the non drinkers for the people on the heavier side of the weighing scale and supposedly having 1-2 drinks on a daily basis. The odds were about 1.3 times for those with 3-4 drinks a day. And while all this is stated it must always be remembered that it is the obese lot that is the main target here.

It will therefore be very interesting to find out if other research studies also venture in this direction and try to bring about some modifications in the connection between the alcohol consumption and the risk of CRC. It can be indeed be helpful for the screening for the CRC.

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