Coronary Diseases provide Impetus to Prostate Cancer

Recently at the Duke University studies have shown a stark and significant relation between the coronary heart diseases and the prostate cancer. The study shows that these two problems might have some common group of the causes and that the two can be closely related. It has been found that the heart diseases are a big risk factor for the prostate cancer cases and the effect it has can be balanced and fought by bringing about certain changes in the lifestyle like weight loss programs, exercises and also having a healthy diet plan. These changes are well known to keep heart diseases at bay and hence are being considered to ward off prostate cancer as well.

The studies hence reveal that all that is good for the heart will eventually turn out to be good for the prostate as well. Coronary attacks have been known to take away the maximum number of lives in the US than any other such like disease. It accounts for approximately 25 per cent of the total death toll there. The risk factors can indeed be many like the obesity, high blood pressure problem, inactivity, and cholesterol; and also cigarette smoking and diabetes as well. In much a similar manner prostate cancer is majorly responsible for so many deaths across the country.
Coronary Heart disease

It is just second in line after the lung cancer deaths. Currently the duke team performed a data analysis to test the reduction in the rates of prostate cancer by the usage of a drug called dutasteride. Among these people some even had a history of coronary heart diseases with more problems like hypertension and high cholesterol and diabetes. These were found to be highly likely to develop problems of the prostate as well. Hence it was clearly shown that having a coronary disease does increase the risk of having prostate cancer by up to 35 percent. Though the reason behind this fatal link is yet to be known in detail still the findings quite vindicate the connection. There are hence definitely some short comings in the finding as it relied on the data from a trial that was conducted long time back and which had totally ignored the factors of diet, physical activity and the seriousness and the severity of the heart diseases that could have influenced the results. Hence this provides for a way to work upon next and would turn into the main focus of the research group soon.

Coronary Diseases provide Impetus to Prostate Cancer
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