Citrus fruits reduce risk of stroke

Eating fruits has always been good and healthy for all. Eating the citrus fruits turns out to be really more benefitting than one could have thought of. These citrus fruits like oranges and grapes can lower the risk of having clot related or ischemic stroke in women. This is because of its high content in flavonone as found out by the people at the Norwich medical school of the University of East Anglia in the UK. The researchers have been really keen to find out much more about the consumption of other foods as well that have flavonoids in them. There happen to be variety of classes of flavonoids and the affect of all of these separately is yet not known much.

Basically flavonoids are nothing but a group of compounds that are found in the variety of fruits and vegetables and also in dark chocolates and in red wine. The studies have revealed that a higher intake of the fruits, vitamin C products and vegetables definitely have the ability of cutting the risk of stroke. A stroke is a situation and medical problem that occurs when the particular part of our brain stops working properly due to a loss of blood supply maybe because of some blockage or embolism that stops the flow of blood. It could also be because of a leakage due to hemorrhage.
help reduce strokes
The flavonoids are able to give protection against the strokes by making the blood vessel function properly and by reducing the inflammation. The data and study have been compiled and based on the results and information of about seventy thousand female subjects who willingly shared their diet routine, including the list of fruits and vegetables. The studies were trying to correlate the six types of the flavonoids and the risk of strokes, ischemic and hemorrhage type as well.

The various varieties of flavonone each have its own subclass with each having a separate effect biologically. The study was not aimed at attaining exact link and beneficial relation between the total consumption of the flavonoids and the stroke, though strong links could well be established between the high consumption of flavonone and the reduction in risk of strokes in women. Oranges and grapefruit and their juices have the highest content of the useful flavonone in them. But the juices are still not so advised because of the high sugar content in them. The researchers in this field still hope to get better links for the future study.


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