BPA linked to heart diseases

A highly controversial and widely used chemical in the plastic industry, Bisphenol A or the BPA has raised further speculations about increasing the risk of heart diseases. This study has been developed after almost a full ten year period of tests and researches. It well highlights the fact some of the people who otherwise happen to be fit and healthy are more than likely to develop heart diseases if their urine was tested for high concentrations of BPA. The people behind the study were mainly the researchers of the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, the University of Exter and from the European centre for the environment and human health. The men at University of Cambridge were also a part of this research analysis.

A link has been established between the BPA and a higher risk of having the cardiovascular diseases. For this purpose a proper study and data analysis has been carried out. In fact the data sets used here were from two different time period statistics of the USA. Hence these snapshots provide a good base for a evidence based result. Earlier also such analysis has been carried out and certain results were declared but then the researchers were barely able to predict the affect of this increased exposure to BPA on the overall and future health of an individual. It was hardly able to go any further except for linking and correlating cardiovascular diseases to BPA exposure.
BPA linked to heart issues
The study was based on the tests involving the measurement of the BPA content in the urine samples of the patients. Almost seven hundred people who were initially healthy but later became prey to some heart diseases were checked for the BPA in their urine samples. A similar number of people who remained healthy all the while were also a part of this study and also underwent the urine sample tests. The results were staring right across. The ones that developed heart diseases showed a higher concentration of BPA in their urine samples as compared to the healthy respondents.

The study definitely was an impetus to strengthen the link between the heart diseases and the levels of the BPA. But nothing could well be deduced if BPA alone can be held responsible for these affects. So a urgent need exists for the government agencies to step in and conduct drug style safety trials in the humans and help in disclosing the behavior of BPA in the human body.

BPA linked to heart diseases
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