Alcoholic parents affecting kids

A nationwide survey in the US revealed that almost ten percent of the children under the age of 18 live with such parents that are or have suffered from the alcohol use disorder. These children living with an alcoholic parent have a much higher risk of suffering from parental neglect and also abuse. These also have a high chance of experiencing some other disorders like sorts of anxiety disorders, depression and cognitive and verbal skills problems. The data that the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, SAMSHA, used were a part of the organization’s 2005-10 national survey on the drug usage and health.

The report has clearly set its focus on the children that have either one or both the parents suffering from the alcohol use disorder. The percentage is shockingly higher for those kids that live with their mothers. It is around 2.2 million for those living with the mothers and just a 0.2 million for those living with their fathers. The impact and the greatness of this situation are well beyond one’s imagination. It is huge and enormous in its effects on the society and the kids. It is not just about the number of people soaring high daily but it is about the circumstances that this is bringing forth the kids. These children are more likely to develop a habit of alcohol and drinking themselves. Also there runs a higher risk of getting involved in other diseases as well.
alcoholic abuse
SAMHSA and such like other groups are now into the promotion of such programs that can spread constant awareness about the harms the alcohol use is having on the children and the society. They are also into the spreading of such programs that can turn out to be really helpful for the ones having this alcohol use problem. They are providing ample help to such parents to deal with their problems and to be able to walk on a path to recovery to a normal life.

Alcohol usage can have really bad impacts on a child’s future and present. The child could turn out to be an alcohol addict himself. The children do suffer with pain and problems of depression when they have parents engulfed in this beastly situation. It also becomes a reason to promote child abuse which has its own impacts on the child. Hence there must be steps to cure the parents of this habit and to pave a safe and clean path for them.


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