Air Pollution enhances strokes

Air pollution till now has never been linked to any other causes except for respiratory diseases or bringing about global warming. But now there seems to be just another link to it. The air pollution levels that are usually considered as the safe end limits by the federal regulations is pose huge risks to increases the stroke attacks in people. The stroke attacks almost increases by a whopping 34 percent in such cases. Researchers have also found that over a period of the past ten years due to a constant exposure to the particulate matter and the emissions usually from the vehicles and heavy traffic the number of patients suffering from stroke attacks have reached a new high.

The particles that are known to have a major impact have been the ones that have a diameter of 2.5 millionth of a meter and hence also called as the PM2.5. So one can imagine how small these particulate and suspended matters can be. Yet the impact it has is indeed great and huge. There can be many sources that act as the inputs of such particulate matter. These can be the big power plants, the factories, the vehicles and heavy traffic and because of burning of wood.
emissions in air
These particles can travel way down into the lungs of an individual and can cause a large number of cardiovascular diseases. The relation between the stroke occurrence and the pollution can well be observed within just a few hours of exposure to it. The major impact is caused by the emissions from the heavy traffic in all places. Also the fact that almost every single person on this earth is exposed to the air pollution it can well be assumed that the impact it can have on increasing the possibility of strokes can really be threatening for all.

The black carbon and the nitrogen dioxide are the main two pollutants that are due to vehicular traffic and that are known to be closely associated to the risks of having a stroke attack. Thus there must be measures to especially get a hold of this pollution. Strokes can be considered as the foremost in bringing about a lifelong disability in the humans. And it stands just at number three in being responsible for the deaths of the people. Hence it indeed is pretty clear that the environmental protection agencies will have to strengthen their regulations in order to describe the effects the pollution can have on us.

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